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Midtown Infill: Finale

It’s the nature of an infill project to be on a small or odd-sized lot. This project is no exception, fitting on a 33×80 alley lot. This makes it difficult to get a … more

Midtown Infill: Finished Interior

The C Street Alley House is finished. Here are some views of the completed interior.  An open floor plan allows flow from the kitchen to the dining room and living room. This adds a spacious feel … more

Midtown Infill: Architectural Open House

Indie Capital Construction is wrapping up the finishing details on the C Street Alley project. It’s time for an open house! The home has been sold, but is not yet occupied, so please come … more

Midtown Infill: Taking Shape

At the beginning of this New Year, we are grateful for the fastatic work taking shape at the C Street Alley house. The vision is becoming reality. The Corten steel has oxidized … more

Midtown Infill: A Look Inside

The interior is taking shape at the C Street Alley House. The overall look inside is clean, linear and modern. The interior contrasts with the exterior where varied materials and colors define the … more

Midtown Infill: Exterior Articulations

The cement board siding is painted on the C Street Alley House and the Corten steel is beginning to rust, making the exterior finishes more interesting. With weather exposure, the Corten steel … more

Midtown Infill: God is in the Details

Mies van der Rohe said it, and we believe it. God is in the details. Good energy is found when fine points are attended to with care. Here are a few details … more

Midtown Infill: A Visit With City Architects

Architects from the City of Sacramento stopped by our C Street Alley project last Friday and were just in time to see the newly installed doors and windows. City architects are familiar … more

Midtown Infill: C Street Alley No More

Well, it’s official. Our project is on “Blues Alley.” Sacramento City Council approved alley names on Oct. 11, giving alleys on the central city grid monikers such as Jazz, Chinatown, Improv and … more

Midtown Infill: Urban Space

Can you build a good home on 2,640 square-feet of land? Absolutely. This 33×80 alley lot off of C Street offers a viable space for sustainable city living. The City of Sacramento … more

Midtown Infill: Contemporary Design, Classic Principles

This project is on the alley 80 feet behind the shady street front and bungalow homes on C Street. The lot faces industrial buildings across the alley looking north. Rather the go … more

Midtown Infill: Framing Details

Framing of the C Street Alley House continues. The first floor is mostly complete and the second floor is underway. The second-floor cantilever extends 2-feet past the first floor and an eyebrow … more

Midtown Infill: Bones of the House

Framing is underway on the C Street Alley House. This phase builds the bones of the house. The wood frame consists of beams, columns, wall studs, headers, wall plates, floor joists and … more

Midtown Infill: C Street Alley House

After being delayed more than a year due to a complicated design review process, the C Street Alley House is finally under construction. Henry + Associates Architects redesigned the project to meet intensified … more

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