Blog / Midtown Infill: C Street Alley No More

Well, it’s official. Our project is on “Blues Alley.”

Sacramento City Council approved alley names on Oct. 11, giving alleys on the central city grid monikers such as Jazz, Chinatown, Improv and Eggplant. In assigning the new titles, the city chose to begin the alley name with the letter of the street to the north of the alley. For instance, Victorian alley runs parallel to V and W.

We have been referring to our project as the “C Street Alley House,” but our reference to the street south of the alley doesn’t jibe with the city’s new names. So, for the record, we are not on the C Street or Chinatown Alley. We are on Blues Alley, which runs between B and C Streets. Our project is between 22nd and 23rd Streets.

Thank goodness we are not on Eggplant Alley. That might give us the blues.

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