Blog / Midtown Infill: A Visit With City Architects

Architects from the City of Sacramento stopped by our C Street Alley project last Friday and were just in time to see the newly installed doors and windows.

City architects are familiar with this home design as they were involved in the review and approval process, which extended more than a year. Senior Architect Luis Sanchez was among the visitors and said he looked forward to seeing the finished project.

The architects had no compunction about scrambling up ladders to take in the view from the balcony and asked about the window material (aluminum-clad, all weather) and how we will attach the Corten Steel siding (with stainless steel screws, future post to come).

The architects were also interested in the open web trusses for the floor structure, which include openings for heating and cooling ducts. This system allows for HVAC to be concealed in the floor for a clean, uncluttered look.



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