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This little slice of Midtown is tucked between 28th and V Streets and has these dimensions: 56′-6″ x  89′-9″ x 106′-1.” It’s a triangle shape.

To the west, along 28th Street, is a row of stately old palms. To the east is W Street, serving as a frontage road offsetting the freeway. V Street intersects 28th in this unusual confluence of quiet neighborhood and urban byways.

Indie Capital Real Estate and Construction asked us to come up with a mixed-use design for this intriguing parcel. The shape set some limits, but within those parameters were solutions we would not have come up with otherwise. Here’s a look at our design, which has been submitted to the city for design review.

The project is three stories with commercial on the ground floor and one residence on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Total square-footage is 3,062. Construction is planned for late spring.

Follow along with us as the Triangle project gets underway.







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