Blog / Solons Alley: Behind the Scene

Here’s a look at the progress on Solons Alley. The second two homes are moving along, and the interior spaces have shape, light and a good feeling. Both homes underway are 1,899 square feet.

The interior pics here show the main living area with three 5’x6’1/2 north-facing windows and the stairs leading to the third floor. Also shown is the network of plumbing, fire sprinkler, waste and water lines that run through the ceiling above the second floor. Add in the HVAC vents and lighting canisters, and it’s a busy space. It all gets covered up though, so this is a behind-the-scenes look at everything going into the homes to make them comfortable, safe and efficient.

A few exterior shots here too. Detail pic shows shows the lath work that is ready for plaster. The last pic is the alley view of the two completed and occupied homes.

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