Blog / Midtown Infill: God is in the Details

Mies van der Rohe said it, and we believe it. God is in the details. Good energy is found when fine points are attended to with care.

Here are a few details from the C Street Alley House.

The cement board siding is up, and this sustainable material maintains its appearance for years with little maintenance. Aluminum corner trim over the siding provides superior waterproofing and adds a modern touch.

A compact retreat space in the back yard is covered with Corten steel, a copper chromium alloy that develops a rust patina, much like copper. This versatile and durable material has been used for decades and was the choice in 1967 for Picasso’s landmark sculpture in Chicago’s Daley Plaza.

Corten steel is often referred to as “weathering steel,” and the patina helps protect it. Once the steel rusts, pores are blocked and rusting stops. On our project, special window flashing around the steel adds protection and a finished look.


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