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It’s the nature of an infill project to be on a small or odd-sized lot. This project is no exception, fitting on a 33×80 alley lot. This makes it difficult to get a good overall look at the home, but perhaps it’s more exciting to see it in snippets — a bit here and there with different details and materials revealed with each new look. Especially beautiful is the fully oxidized Corten Steel  in hues of umber, gold and sienna. Here are a few views. Photos in this post by Stephen Henry and Charr Crail.

Since this is our final post on the “C Street Alley House,” we will do a quick recap of the project.

Designed by Stephen Henry, principal of Henry + Associates Architects, the home was built by Nathan and Erica Cunningham of Indie Capital, and crew including master carpenter James Swanger,  framing supervisor Mark Equinoa, and concrete craftsman Colin Cunningham.

The 1,819 square-foot home has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. It’s on the alley north of C Street in Sacramento’s Boulevard Park neighborhood. Set 80-feet from the street front, it faces an industrial area and the railroad tracks to the north. This creates a compatible setting for the contemporary design, which is now a family home.

Thanks for following this project with us.

We are moving on to another residential infill project at 28th & V Streets. It’s unofficially called the Triangle House due to the shape of the lot.

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