Blog / Midtown Infill: Bones of the House

Framing is underway on the C Street Alley House. This phase builds the bones of the house. The wood frame consists of beams, columns, wall studs, headers, wall plates, floor joists and roof joists. These form the vertical load-bearing structure and are tied together using various fasteners and connectors. Plywood sheathing provides the lateral load-bearing resistance for wind and earthquakes.

The foundation, in addition to supporting the overall structure, holds it down during heavy winds and seismic activity. Anchor bolts and tie downs secure the frame to the foundation.

Essentially, the wood frame holds the building up, and the plywood sheathing and foundation keep it from being pushed over.

On the West Coast, Douglas Fir and Western Larch are most commonly used for wood frame construction, and that’s what is used for this home.

Layout in rough carpentry is important because things will need to line up as the building progresses. Part of this is anticipating and planning for what follows and how it will fit together.

Quality is in the execution. Although less commonly found on job sites during the framing phase, compound miter saws and table saws, when used by skilled craftsmen, can produce accurate mitered cuts, which in turn will lead to clean details with pieces fitting together nicely.

Next up will be rough electrical and rough plumbing, along with water proofing the exterior. Visit us next week for an update!

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