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Solons Alley: The Midtowner

Here are a few final views of Henry + Associates Solons Alley project. These pics show 2819 Solons Alley, the last home completed in this four-home community just off S Street between … more

Solons Alley: The Urbanite

All four Solons Alley homes are now owned by happy urban dwellers.  Solons Alley is a micro-community in the heart of Midtown, designed and built by Henry + Associates Architects. Here are … more

Solons Alley: Homestretch

Things are rocking steady at Solons Alley as the project pulls together. Inside, cabinet installation is almost done, baseboard is installed and electrical finish work is wrapping up. Note that kitchen cabinets in each … more

Solons Alley: Plastered

The exterior plaster is finished on the “Midtowner” and “Urbanite” homes at Solons Alley. It takes several steps to get to the finished top coat. These photos show the process in reverse: First is … more

Solons Alley: In the Neighborhood

Solons Alley homes are just off of S Street between 28th and 29th, and there is a lot to love about this neighborhood. Officially known as Newton Booth, area charms include long-standing … more

Solons Alley: Behind the Scene

Here’s a look at the progress on Solons Alley. The second two homes are moving along, and the interior spaces have shape, light and a good feeling. Both homes underway are 1,899 square feet. … more

Solons Alley: Every Last Detail

The final details are wrapped up at 2821 Solons Alley, and the new owner is moving in. This 2-bedroom, 2½-bath home is the second completed in the Solons project just off of S … more

Solons Alley: Two, Three and Four

Home No. 2 at Solons Alley is almost finished. The wood floors are in, cabinets installed and concrete counters in place. This home is 1,452 sq. feet and is the second of this size … more

Solons Alley: Closing Day

Solons Alley home No. 1 is cozy, quiet and finished. Bosch appliances are installed in the kitchen, and the overall look is subtle, clean and straightforward. The kitchen includes a large stainless … more

Solons Alley: Pulling It Together

The first residence at Solons Alley is nearing completion. The kitchen cabinets are installed; concrete counters and tile are in place. Bathroom cabinets, sinks, flooring and tile checked off. Closet systems are … more

Solons Alley: Pardon Our Dust

Right now, all the action is inside at Solons Alley Residences. The White Oak wood floors are being finished in place, meaning the wood is not prefinished. The wood floors extend through … more

Solons Alley: A Dash of Color

The Solons Alley homes got a fresh dose of exterior color before the rain started, and things are looking lively in the yellow, rust and gray color scheme. The top coat of … more

Solons Alley: Exterior Elements

The exterior siding is up on the Solons Alley Homes, and the process of applying plaster is underway. The siding is a durable and low-maintenance cement board, which will be painted in a … more

Solons Alley: Rendering The Future

Here’s a rendering of our Solons Alley project. Created by Steve Hubbard, the rendering gives a good idea of what the homes will look like once finished. Situated on the S Street … more

Solons Alley: The Insulation Difference

The insulation is in at Solons Alley and what a difference. The most noticeable change is the decrease in noise from the outside world. Then you notice it’s cozy inside on a cool morning. Insulation acts … more

Solons Alley: Outside and In

A lot is happening at Solons Alley Residences. Exterior siding is going up, electrical, plumbing and heating and air conditing work is underway. Duct work for the HVAC is beneath the floor … more

Solons Alley: Window Wonder

The windows are installed in the two Solons Alley homes currently under construction. Here are a few photos of the windows going in and interior views from the second and third stories. We … more

Solons Alley: Second Story

The sheathing is up on the second stories of the two residences facing the alley. The second levels contain kitchen and living areas. Construction details are currently visible, including the reinforced joints where beams come … more

Solons Alley: Framing Up

It’s blue skies and the smell of freshly cut lumber at Solons Alley Residences. Framing is well underway on the two 1,452 square-foot residences facing the alley. This phase of construction allows … more

Solons Alley: Step One

Two foundations were poured last week for the Solons Alley Residences. Concrete reinforced with Rebar, a good start. This is step one in building the first phase of the project — two 1,452 … more

Solons Alley: The Time In Between

On Henry + Associates’ blog, we often post a photo of the lot, and then a photo of the ground breaking, and it can look like a seamless process. But the time … more

Solons Alley: Growing Together 2014

We were happy to attend the recent Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association 2014 Growing Together Award reception at Revolution Winery. The 2014 award went to Friends of the McClatchy Library, whose tireless efforts … more

Solons Alley: What Are We Building?

We are planning to build four new homes in Midtown Sacramento. Called Solons Alley Residences and situated on the S Street alley between 28th and 29th Streets, the homes fill the bill … more

Solons Alley: Part & Parcel

Here are a few views of the 80×80 lot on S Street between 28th and 29th Streets where the Solons Alley Residences will be built this spring. The property is accessed from … more

Solons Alley Residences

S Street between 28th and 29th is a good block of Midtown. It has long-standing bungalow homes, businesses like Page Design and newer enterprises such as Temple coffee and Revolution Wines. The … more

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