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Lodi Central Kitchen Equipped for Efficiency

Most of the equipment is installed in Lodi Unified School District’s new central kitchen, which will be operational by July 28. As the project wraps up, Lodi USD accomplishes a 10-year dream … more

Steady Progress on Lodi Central School Kitchen

The central kitchen project for Lodi Unified School District is moving along as the floor is finished and water pipe, electric conduit, and HVAC ducts are installed in the structural grid overhead. … more

Central Kitchen To Boost Fresh School Lunches

Just a quick update on our Central School Kitchen project in Lodi where a former warehouse is being transformed into a modern school kitchen. Currently,¬†insulation is going in and equipment such as … more

Sparks Fly as Central Kitchen Progresses

Sparks fly as a carpenter cuts steel¬†framing last week at Lodi Unified School District’s Central Kitchen project. Metal framing is now complete as the former warehouse is transformed into a modern kitchen … more

Central School Kitchen Project Advances

Construction on a 16,000+ square-foot former warehouse is moving swiftly, and Lodi Unified School District Central Kitchen is taking shape. The new steel frame is constructed to carry the load of updated … more

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