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Lodi Central Kitchen Equipped for Efficiency

Most of the equipment is installed in Lodi Unified School District’s new central kitchen, which will be operational by July 28. As the project wraps up, Lodi USD accomplishes a 10-year dream … more

Steady Progress on Lodi Central School Kitchen

The central kitchen project for Lodi Unified School District is moving along as the floor is finished and water pipe, electric conduit, and HVAC ducts are installed in the structural grid overhead. … more

Central Kitchen To Boost Fresh School Lunches

Just a quick update on our Central School Kitchen project in Lodi where a former warehouse is being transformed into a modern school kitchen. Currently, insulation is going in and equipment such as … more

Sparks Fly as Central Kitchen Progresses

Sparks fly as a carpenter cuts steel framing last week at Lodi Unified School District’s Central Kitchen project. Metal framing is now complete as the former warehouse is transformed into a modern kitchen … more

Central School Kitchen Project Advances

Construction on a 16,000+ square-foot former warehouse is moving swiftly, and Lodi Unified School District Central Kitchen is taking shape. The new steel frame is constructed to carry the load of updated … more

Central Kitchen Underway for Lodi USD

A 16,000+ square-foot former warehouse is being transformed into an efficient central kitchen for Lodi Unified School District. The kitchen will streamline the provision of more than 3,000 meals a day to … more

Intergalactic House: Finished Exterior

Here are a few photos of the finished exterior of our Intergalactic House design in East Sacramento. Exterior materials include 22-gauge sheet metal siding, exterior cement plaster and cement board. Views here … more

New Central Kitchen for Lodi Unified School District

Henry + Associates Architects is proud to be part of the team working on the new central kitchen for Lodi USD. The kitchen will allow the district to provide 3,000+ meals per … more

Intergalactic House: Interior Space

Our Intergalactic House design is all about the interior space. The exterior of the home is understated due to the 40 x 160 shape of the lot. But inside, there is room … more

The Intergalactic House: Working with ‘Bulk Mass’ Code

The good people at Indie Capital are making fast and steady progress on our Intergalactic House design in East Sacramento. Henry + Associates designed the home, and Indie Capital is the owner/builder. … more

The Intergalactic House

Here is a look at our Intergalactic House design underway in East Sacramento. This was a challenging design due to the “tent” restrictions imposed by the City of Sacramento and the long, … more

Indie House: A Good Home

We did not overlook posting finished photos of the Indie House. Here they are! This 2,208 square-foot home in Curtis Park features a private courtyard entry and emphasis on natural lighting with expansive … more

Solons Alley: The Midtowner

Here are a few final views of Henry + Associates Solons Alley project. These pics show 2819 Solons Alley, the last home completed in this four-home community just off S Street between … more

Solons Alley: The Urbanite

All four Solons Alley homes are now owned by happy urban dwellers.  Solons Alley is a micro-community in the heart of Midtown, designed and built by Henry + Associates Architects. Here are … more

Solons Alley: Homestretch

Things are rocking steady at Solons Alley as the project pulls together. Inside, cabinet installation is almost done, baseboard is installed and electrical finish work is wrapping up. Note that kitchen cabinets in each … more

Solons Alley: Plastered

The exterior plaster is finished on the “Midtowner” and “Urbanite” homes at Solons Alley. It takes several steps to get to the finished top coat. These photos show the process in reverse: First is … more

Solons Alley: In the Neighborhood

Solons Alley homes are just off of S Street between 28th and 29th, and there is a lot to love about this neighborhood. Officially known as Newton Booth, area charms include long-standing … more

Solons Alley: Behind the Scene

Here’s a look at the progress on Solons Alley. The second two homes are moving along, and the interior spaces have shape, light and a good feeling. Both homes underway are 1,899 square feet. … more

Solons Alley: Every Last Detail

The final details are wrapped up at 2821 Solons Alley, and the new owner is moving in. This 2-bedroom, 2½-bath home is the second completed in the Solons project just off of S … more

Solons Alley: Two, Three and Four

Home No. 2 at Solons Alley is almost finished. The wood floors are in, cabinets installed and concrete counters in place. This home is 1,452 sq. feet and is the second of this size … more

Solons Alley: Closing Day

Solons Alley home No. 1 is cozy, quiet and finished. Bosch appliances are installed in the kitchen, and the overall look is subtle, clean and straightforward. The kitchen includes a large stainless … more

Solons Alley: Pulling It Together

The first residence at Solons Alley is nearing completion. The kitchen cabinets are installed; concrete counters and tile are in place. Bathroom cabinets, sinks, flooring and tile checked off. Closet systems are … more

Solons Alley: Pardon Our Dust

Right now, all the action is inside at Solons Alley Residences. The White Oak wood floors are being finished in place, meaning the wood is not prefinished. The wood floors extend through … more

Solons Alley: A Dash of Color

The Solons Alley homes got a fresh dose of exterior color before the rain started, and things are looking lively in the yellow, rust and gray color scheme. The top coat of … more

Solons Alley: Exterior Elements

The exterior siding is up on the Solons Alley Homes, and the process of applying plaster is underway. The siding is a durable and low-maintenance cement board, which will be painted in a … more

Solons Alley: Rendering The Future

Here’s a rendering of our Solons Alley project. Created by Steve Hubbard, the rendering gives a good idea of what the homes will look like once finished. Situated on the S Street … more

Solons Alley: The Insulation Difference

The insulation is in at Solons Alley and what a difference. The most noticeable change is the decrease in noise from the outside world. Then you notice it’s cozy inside on a cool morning. Insulation acts … more

Solons Alley: Outside and In

A lot is happening at Solons Alley Residences. Exterior siding is going up, electrical, plumbing and heating and air conditing work is underway. Duct work for the HVAC is beneath the floor … more

Solons Alley: Window Wonder

The windows are installed in the two Solons Alley homes currently under construction. Here are a few photos of the windows going in and interior views from the second and third stories. We … more

Solons Alley: Second Story

The sheathing is up on the second stories of the two residences facing the alley. The second levels contain kitchen and living areas. Construction details are currently visible, including the reinforced joints where beams come … more

Solons Alley: Framing Up

It’s blue skies and the smell of freshly cut lumber at Solons Alley Residences. Framing is well underway on the two 1,452 square-foot residences facing the alley. This phase of construction allows … more

Solons Alley: Step One

Two foundations were poured last week for the Solons Alley Residences. Concrete reinforced with Rebar, a good start. This is step one in building the first phase of the project — two 1,452 … more

Solons Alley: The Time In Between

On Henry + Associates’ blog, we often post a photo of the lot, and then a photo of the ground breaking, and it can look like a seamless process. But the time … more

Solons Alley: Growing Together 2014

We were happy to attend the recent Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association 2014 Growing Together Award reception at Revolution Winery. The 2014 award went to Friends of the McClatchy Library, whose tireless efforts … more

Solons Alley: What Are We Building?

We are planning to build four new homes in Midtown Sacramento. Called Solons Alley Residences and situated on the S Street alley between 28th and 29th Streets, the homes fill the bill … more

Solons Alley: Part & Parcel

Here are a few views of the 80×80 lot on S Street between 28th and 29th Streets where the Solons Alley Residences will be built this spring. The property is accessed from … more

Solons Alley Residences

S Street between 28th and 29th is a good block of Midtown. It has long-standing bungalow homes, businesses like Page Design and newer enterprises such as Temple coffee and Revolution Wines. The … more

Indie House: Refuge

With exterior finishes intact, progress at the Indie House is not as dramatic right now, but construction moves along. Kitchen cabinet frames are up, concrete counters are fabricated and wood flooring is … more

Indie House: Headway

Progress at the Indie House is happening in subtle increments. Fencing is up and exterior plaster is painted a clean white. Cabinet assembly is underway and inside walls are primed. Interior forms … more

Indie House: Hue and Craft

The Indie House exterior is painted charcoal and accented by ebony eaves. Combined with the galvanized steel, the look is sleek and subtle. It blends with its surroundings, a mix of quiet … more

Indie House: Progression

Things are moving on the Indie House. The exterior finishes are up, the interior is roughed in and electrical and plumbing are installed. Insulation and drywall are underway. This phase of construction … more

New School Kitchens Almost Ready

The kitchen renovations at Lakewood Elementary and Morada Middle School in Lodi are nearing completion. Installment of food service equipment is underway, and new ventilation hoods are in place. Water, sewer and … more

Indie House: Window Power

Our Indie House design has a total of 38 windows. Right on is all we have to say about that. Oh, Wait. We have a few more things to say because windows … more

Indie House: Structure

The second story is up on Henry + Associates’ newest residential design, the Indie House. The exterior sheathing is in place and the roof joists and rafters are visible on this home … more

Construction at Lakewood and Morada School Kitchens

Construction is on track at Lakewood Elementary and Morada Middle Schools as we work to complete the kitchen remodels at both sites by the end of September. The kitchens will be all … more

Indie House: Going Up

Framing is happening and the Indie House is underway. Here are a few early views of the two-story home situated on a 74 x 80 infill lot just off Broadway at 20th … more

Indie House: Groundbreaking

Our newest residential design, the Indie House, is starting up, and we are excited to watch it take shape. Situated in a splendid section of town just off Broadway at 20th Street, … more

Lakewood and Morada School Kitchens

Construction is happening at Lakewood Elementary and Morada Middle Schools in Lodi, and the 40 year-old kitchens at both sites are stripped down and being transformed into commercial-grade workspaces with stainless steel … more

Neighborhoods Show Love for Triangle Project

The Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association honored our Triangle House design with the 2013 Growing Together Award that celebrates businesses making “exceptional improvements” in the Newton Booth, Poverty Ridge and Alhambra Triangle neighborhoods. The association … more

School Kitchen Remodels: Before and After

What a difference four months and some well-planned renovation work make. Here are a few before and after photos of the kitchen remodels at Davis and Heritage Elementary Schools in Lodi.  Both kitchens were stripped … more

New Kitchen at Davis Elementary

Here are a few photos of the completed kitchen remodel at Davis Elementary School in Lodi. The transformation is dramatic with a centalized counter, increased open space, and a design that makes the … more

Triangle Residence Finale

The Triangle Residence is complete. Our design for this urban refuge created comfortable living quarters on an unsual site. This little slice of Midtown is tucked between 28th and V Streets and has … more

Open House Set for Triangle Project

Final details are being finished up at the Triangle Project on 28th & V Streets, and an open house is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 12 from 4 to 7 p.m. Please come by for a look … more

Triangle Project: Hand-Crafted Details

As the Triangle House at 28th and V Streets progresses, we wanted to note one of the custom details: the hand-crafted concrete counters. The kitchens and bathrooms include contemporary counters made of … more

Triangle House: Windows on City Life

The exterior finishes are up on the Triangle House at 28th and V Streets in Sacramento. Twenty-two gage sheet metal, 4-inch lap cement board siding and cement plaster are the materials used to … more

Maximazing Space in School Kitchens

The kitchen remodels at Davis and Heritage elementary schools in Lodi are under construction with both kitchens stripped down to the studs. The kitchens are getting new electrical and plumbing systems, and the spaces … more

Triangle House: A Solution for Urban Living

A good residential design needs be well-organized, private and aesthetically pleasing. It also must meet the needs of today’s lifestyles. In Midtown Sacramento, there is a need for 3-bedroom, 2-bath homes with ample storage. To meet … more

Triangle House: Project Logic

Once a project is underway, construction moves fast. Here are a few views of the progress on the Triangle House at 28th and V Streets. Rough framing is finished, windows are being installed, and … more

Triangle House Takes Shape

The lot for the Triangle House is only 2,362 square-feet. The triangle shape of the lot dicated the shape of the residence, which is becoming clear as the framing moves along. Here are … more

Beginning of Triangle House

Our Triangle House design is beginning to take shape on this Midtown lot between 28th and V Streets. Indie Capital Construction broke ground in early August, and the slab foundation is poured. … more

School Kitchen Renovations Begin

Henry + Associates Architects are happy to be working with Lodi Unified School District to renovate the kitchens at Davis and Heritage Elementary Schools. Here are a few “before” photos of the … more

Triangle Design

This little slice of Midtown is tucked between 28th and V Streets and has these dimensions: 56′-6″ x  89′-9″ x 106′-1.” It’s a triangle shape. To the west, along 28th Street, is … more

Midtown Infill: Finale

It’s the nature of an infill project to be on a small or odd-sized lot. This project is no exception, fitting on a 33×80 alley lot. This makes it difficult to get a … more

Midtown Infill: Finished Interior

The C Street Alley House is finished. Here are some views of the completed interior.  An open floor plan allows flow from the kitchen to the dining room and living room. This adds a spacious feel … more

Midtown Infill: Architectural Open House

Indie Capital Construction is wrapping up the finishing details on the C Street Alley project. It’s time for an open house! The home has been sold, but is not yet occupied, so please come … more

Midtown Infill: Taking Shape

At the beginning of this New Year, we are grateful for the fastatic work taking shape at the C Street Alley house. The vision is becoming reality. The Corten steel has oxidized … more

Midtown Infill: A Look Inside

The interior is taking shape at the C Street Alley House. The overall look inside is clean, linear and modern. The interior contrasts with the exterior where varied materials and colors define the … more

Midtown Infill: Exterior Articulations

The cement board siding is painted on the C Street Alley House and the Corten steel is beginning to rust, making the exterior finishes more interesting. With weather exposure, the Corten steel … more

Midtown Infill: God is in the Details

Mies van der Rohe said it, and we believe it. God is in the details. Good energy is found when fine points are attended to with care. Here are a few details … more

Midtown Infill: A Visit With City Architects

Architects from the City of Sacramento stopped by our C Street Alley project last Friday and were just in time to see the newly installed doors and windows. City architects are familiar … more

Midtown Infill: C Street Alley No More

Well, it’s official. Our project is on “Blues Alley.” Sacramento City Council approved alley names on Oct. 11, giving alleys on the central city grid monikers such as Jazz, Chinatown, Improv and … more

Midtown Infill: Urban Space

Can you build a good home on 2,640 square-feet of land? Absolutely. This 33×80 alley lot off of C Street offers a viable space for sustainable city living. The City of Sacramento … more

Midtown Infill: Contemporary Design, Classic Principles

This project is on the alley 80 feet behind the shady street front and bungalow homes on C Street. The lot faces industrial buildings across the alley looking north. Rather the go … more

Midtown Infill: Framing Details

Framing of the C Street Alley House continues. The first floor is mostly complete and the second floor is underway. The second-floor cantilever extends 2-feet past the first floor and an eyebrow … more

Midtown Infill: Bones of the House

Framing is underway on the C Street Alley House. This phase builds the bones of the house. The wood frame consists of beams, columns, wall studs, headers, wall plates, floor joists and … more

Midtown Infill: C Street Alley House

After being delayed more than a year due to a complicated design review process, the C Street Alley House is finally under construction. Henry + Associates Architects redesigned the project to meet intensified … more

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