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Solons Alley: Exterior Elements

The exterior siding is up on the Solons Alley Homes, and the process of applying plaster is underway. The siding is a durable and low-maintenance cement board, which will be painted in a … more

Solons Alley: Rendering The Future

Here’s a rendering of our Solons Alley project. Created by Steve Hubbard, the rendering gives a good idea of what the homes will look like once finished. Situated on the S Street … more

Solons Alley: The Insulation Difference

The insulation is in at Solons Alley and what a difference. The most noticeable change is the decrease in noise from the outside world. Then you notice it’s cozy inside on a cool morning. Insulation acts … more

Solons Alley: Outside and In

A lot is happening at Solons Alley Residences. Exterior siding is going up, electrical, plumbing and heating and air conditing work is underway. Duct work for the HVAC is beneath the floor … more

Solons Alley: Window Wonder

The windows are installed in the two Solons Alley homes currently under construction. Here are a few photos of the windows going in and interior views from the second and third stories. We … more

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