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Our Indie House design has a total of 38 windows. Right on is all we have to say about that.

Oh, Wait. We have a few more things to say because windows are a wonderful thing. They pattern the exterior and, indoors, they let in the sun and frame the view on a rainy day. They bring the outdoors in.

For those wondering about heat loss through the windows in the winter and heat gain in Sacramento’s intense summers, fret not. Modern windows are made to meet energy performance standards known as Title 24. The Indie House windows are insulated glass with U-Factors between .32 and .34. U-Factor describes a window’s resistance to heat flow. Lower numbers are better.

Another energy performance rating is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which describes the amount of solar gain transmitted through a window. Indie House window SHGC is between .28 and .33, depending on the window. SHGC ranges from zero to one. Zero means that no solar gain is allowed, and one means that all of the sun’s heat can come through.

Other factors such as the well-shaded patio and the 3-foot eaves boost the efficiency of the windows on the Indie House.

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